This is a short compilation of some of the film work I've done, including short films, fashion documentary and fashion films. Hopefully this will give an idea of how I usually work with regards to film-making and the involvement of film-making within my photography projects.

I usually post my short films on my YouTube channel: TimzTelly


Just days ago, I teamed up with Fashion Student, Jordan Allen, who had created a double denim outfit inspired by Native America, having booked out a large hall space for the shoot, we found ourselves exploring a lot of the building and finding ways to utilise the space to create interesting images.
The images shot in an old women's public bathroom gave a desired old style cinematic atmosphere. We also used an archway/alleyway to take some portraits using both natural light and also a motion censored security light to illuminate the model to one side.

February 2015

For my FMP last year, I conducted a project called “Beards لحية" - this is one of the most successful images produced from the 10 week exploration.

April 2014
Printed in an A4 photobook

I used old gardening books I'd found in charity shops as sketchbooks for my Final Major Project last year. Using the floral pages as backgrounds and inspired by the fine art and fashion students sketchbooks, I utilised every page to make for an interesting and fun sketchbook.

March - April 2014

For a brief I'm currently working on called "Approaching Places", I was asked to start at a given GPS and to take pictures on a journey route of my own choice, this was particularly tricky for me to start off with, because this kind of photography is out of my comfort zone. Instead of haphazardly taking images in hope of finding something, I decided instead to travel incredibly slowly, working at an alternative vantage point, looking for how things align together when I move around, noticing shapes that you wouldn't usually notice.

February 2015

I worked a great deal with fashion student, Jordan Allen, on a Camp n Kitsch project he called "Camp is Trash".

As well as doing all of his studio shoots for his garments with each of his models, I also worked with him on a location shoot and I also made a Fashion film to be displayed at the annual Exhibition as well as the annual fashion show.

We wanted to create high fashion shots, whilst it would have been easy to have the models posing in and overtly camp manner to fit the project, I felt that having the models, actually modelling the garments and keeping serious throughout the process would make for more convincing high fashion photography.

June 2014

Printed at 84.1 x 59.4cm

Whilst on a so called, week-long, "Photography boot-camp" in Liverpool, I'd found myself really appreciating the shapes created by the architecture - I slowed down my photographic process and really focused on my picture making skills, considering composition a lot more than I have done before as opposed to representing an object in picture form.
This image, taken outside the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, works well, with the incorporation and focus on the lines and shapes within the image.

October 2014

During my first semester on the Photography course at Staffordshire University, I'd been given a brief in which the main instruction was to use a toilet roll within the imagery, even if it meant that it sat in the corner. Removing myself from any cliché idea's, I began looking at surreal portraiture and ended up with a series of four images. 
I call the collection "Paper Dreams" starring "The Paper Prince" - the general idea being the delving into a white paper lucid dream world that becomes increasingly strange and fantastical.

November 2014

Printed at 29.7 x 21cm

Spotting this woman from a far whilst I stood by this red door, I had gotten a sudden vision of how her matching jumper and coat would sit against the bright red with the knitted hat bringing the colours together, so I rushed over to ask for a photo. Getting this shot, I had tried to make the lines as parallel as I could, giving an overall pleasing aesthetic for this portrait.

November 2014

From the fashion course' ‘Inside, out’ brief, shot at Spode.
The designer for this piece worked specifically with tall drag models and I thought It'd be interesting to see this process from behind the scenes.

December 2013

I worked with a few fashion designers whilst on my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, this shot was done in the run up to the annual fashion show entitled "House of God"

May 2014

Printed 84.1 x 59.4cm

This wasn't a part of any project, but I had spotted a well dressed teen/young adult and asked if I could do a quick shoot with him. Not too far away was a bush dotted with pink forestry which I thought would work well with the colours in his knitted jumper. I'd gotten him comfortable whilst he smoked and this was the result, with Spring/Autumn colours and fashion pieces this photo works well as a fashion editorial shot.

November 2014

With the brief asking for lights and shadows without the use of studio lighting I found my self under 
a bridge with the sunlight peaking through to create the dramatic lighting and shadows.
And with that I created a bewitching monster character, that progressively, throughout four images in the series, becomes more gruesome and terrifying, feeding on the souls and blood of her enemies until she is so full that blood falls from her mouth and souls from her eyes. All whilst exploiting the use of intense light and shadow to create a deep, dark and horrific set of portraits.

November 2014

Printed 29.7 x 21cm

Whilst everyone else was keen on getting their tourist shots, I already figured that these architectural shots will have been done many times before and so instead I decided to focus on the people.
With her red Doc Martins and full black outfit, the girl in the forefront is the key focus. 
The image works well because of the parallel layers within it. Also, whilst the men in the back where black outfits in a formal manner and look like they could be on a break from work at an office whereas the girl looks a lot more comfortable and relaxed as she sketches on the wall.

October 2014

The brief for this 5 week project was called "People, people everywhere" which simply meant that we had to create portraiture of some kind.

I created a sketchbook, which, like most of my books, would read more like a scrapbook than a college sketchbook. 
My project itself was a story piece about a young girl who had conducted an insane revenge on a petty bully resulting in her detainment, the result of this project was a documentary/interview style movie in which we both listen to the character answer a series of questions wearing a straight jacket in a white room whilst jumping from separate personalities both in the interview and in the surveillance.
The sketchbook gives the feeling that the character herself is the one piecing the pages together, with the bloody hand prints, collection of odd objects taped inside and the series of letters she'd send to her parents.

Working like this, allows me to really get into the characters mindset, which hopefully, makes for a more realistic and convincing set of work.

February 2014

During the rolling programme on the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, I had to incorporate a handful of collected toys from my summer project into a photo project, and so inspired primarily by Slinkachu and his "little people", I set off and created a series of intense, humorous close up images and paired them with a zoomed out shot to show the actual proportions.

September 2013

Printed 29.7 x 21cm

 I entitled this project "What if your inner child was possessed?" - I wrote a short story which was about an unnamed character who had to grow up essentially without a childhood and had became a young adult resenting this fact, this character is then approached by a "friend" in her dreams who later appears to be a threatening demon who aims to lure her away from her body in her sleep, eventually she/he is convinced to do after being promised a childhood. The result of this project was a collection of images similarly constructed, in the bedrooms of each model, with the models looking deteriorated and possessed whilst holding a stuffed animal.

This sketchbook reads more like a scrapbook of found information from someone who could be investigating a series of missing persons reports. Throughout the book, you will see the words "Join us" as well as a vast of demon and possession paraphernalia.

November 2013

Printed 21 x 29.7cm

I don't celebrate Christmas, and so it only made sense to me that I tackled this one day brief from my own perspective.
I called this project "Closed for Christmas"
It's oh so easy to capture the noise, colour and Christmas ambience inside any family home, but step outside and the streets are dead and empty and all the local businesses are closed for one day only, which created this almost surreal atmosphere.

December 2013

Printed at 21x21cm

At the time, I was very much exited by double exposure and had been working on a series of images that explored a child-like playfulness with teens/young adults. Using the maroon layered onto the cyan gives a 1980's MOD feel. I think that this image works well in portraying chaos, pandemonium and the general wildness of a college house party even though only one person is portrayed

April 2012

Printed 21 x 29.7cm