I entitled this project "What if your inner child was possessed?" - I wrote a short story which was about an unnamed character who had to grow up essentially without a childhood and had became a young adult resenting this fact, this character is then approached by a "friend" in her dreams who later appears to be a threatening demon who aims to lure her away from her body in her sleep, eventually she/he is convinced to do after being promised a childhood. The result of this project was a collection of images similarly constructed, in the bedrooms of each model, with the models looking deteriorated and possessed whilst holding a stuffed animal.

This sketchbook reads more like a scrapbook of found information from someone who could be investigating a series of missing persons reports. Throughout the book, you will see the words "Join us" as well as a vast of demon and possession paraphernalia.

November 2013

Printed 21 x 29.7cm

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