The brief for this 5 week project was called "People, people everywhere" which simply meant that we had to create portraiture of some kind.

I created a sketchbook, which, like most of my books, would read more like a scrapbook than a college sketchbook. 
My project itself was a story piece about a young girl who had conducted an insane revenge on a petty bully resulting in her detainment, the result of this project was a documentary/interview style movie in which we both listen to the character answer a series of questions wearing a straight jacket in a white room whilst jumping from separate personalities both in the interview and in the surveillance.
The sketchbook gives the feeling that the character herself is the one piecing the pages together, with the bloody hand prints, collection of odd objects taped inside and the series of letters she'd send to her parents.

Working like this, allows me to really get into the characters mindset, which hopefully, makes for a more realistic and convincing set of work.

February 2014

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